Who’s on my team?

When preparing to do strategic visioning work, assembling the right team for the job is vital. If groupthink is the arrow that killed creative problem solving, then a homogenous team is the achilles heel of your project.

In my ideal strategy team, you would find a variety of archetypes.  Here are some of the types of people I consider vital:

  • the Executive Sponsor as the team’s champion and air coverage
  • the Academic providing deep knowledge of relevant practice and theory
  • the “Yes Man” who is certain we can make it happen, regardless of constraints
  • the Naysayer reminding us all of the elephant in the room, throwing a wrench in the machine, and all the many ways why this won’t work
  • the Dreamer with head in the clouds and giving us lofty, beautiful, utterly impractical ideas.
  • the Realist pointing out that words are pretty, but here on planet earth, there’s this thing called gravity.
  • the Innovator standing so close to the edge that it bleeds
  • the Traditionalist steadfastly insisting that this is how it is done, how it has always been done
  • the Analyst demanding to see the numbers
  • the Old Guard with the institutional history to keep everything in context and navigate the political landscape
  • the Fresh Meat, someone newer to the organization, unbiased by internal history and politics
  • the High Potential for whom this is a stretch assignment
  • the Facilitation Team with one partner to facilitate and one to observe

Each of these types has their strengths and weaknesses, but when you bring them together, with mutually agreed upon expectations about behaviour, amazing things happen.

What types of people do you look for when building a strategic team?


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