On my Team: the Fresh Meat

steak-1081819_1920By “Fresh Meat,” I am referring not to someone who is young or early career, though he could be. What I am talking about here is the person who is new to the organization, even as little as 6 months tenure.

When we think about forming strategic planning teams, we don’t normally think to ourselves, “You know who would be perfect for this project? The brand new specialist on the division Sales team!” We are more likely to say, “We really need folks who know this organization inside and out.” And we’d be right.  But that naivete about this specific organization is exactly why Fresh Meat needs to be on our strategy team.

The “newbie” is the one that comes in with current and relevant experience with what other organizations are doing. Your new employee has all the comparisons to their previous company fresh in mind: what worked at Starbucks, what didn’t work at Twitter, how adidas approached this problem, while Nike did it this other way.

Don’t get me wrong. The team doesn’t need the ultimate surf and turf of newbies. Hopefully, your strategy team members already hail from a variety of other organizations and industries. What this person brings is not necessarily organizational diversity so much as recency.  I was on a team a few years back that had members hailing from some big players in the Northwest. It was a diverse team with representation from Nike, TMobile, Starbucks and others. What the Fresh Meat brought us was current experience, untainted by internal expectations about what was possible.


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